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We're Going WHERE ??


The route may change at any time at the discretion of the event organiser. Due to capacity constraints in some locations, our 2024 numbers will be limited to 220 people.  

Acceptance into the Trek will be at the absolute and sole discretion of the Trek Director.


Saturday 1st June 2024: Registrations and CUT-A-RAMA in Bendigo.

Registrations will be held at the Bridge Hotel, Bridge St Bendigo from 4:30 to 6:00 pm, and the World-Famous CUT-A-RAMA from 6:00 pm onwards.

Sunday 2nd June 2024:  Bendigo to Mildura.

We will drop into the birthplace of John Flynn on our way to Mildura, where buses will travel the city centre to get you to and from dinner at the Gateway Tavern.

Monday 3rd June 2024: Mildura to Burra.

Only a small town but with quite a lot of accommodation, nowhere will be too far to walk to our dinner in the Burra Town Hall.

Tuesday 4th June 2024: Burra to Arkaroola.

We head cross-country using lots of back roads today as we drive into the Flinders Ranges, where we will spend the night in Arkaroola Village.

(Please refer to the note about accommodation in Arkaroola further down the page.)

Wednesday 5th June 2024:  Arkaroola to Innamincka.

Up the aptly named Mt Hopeless Track and onto the Strzelecki Track as we head into the remote north-east of South Australia for dinner at the local pub.  This might be our last chance to drive “The Strez” before it is sealed…….

(Please refer to the note about accommodation in Innamincka further down the page.)

Thursday 6th June 2024: Innamincka to Hungerford.

Today we head directly east, through Corner Country to the remote Queensland village of Hungerford.

Friday 7th June 2024:  Hungerford to St George.

We head north-east today as we cross the Queensland border, using remote back roads and tracks to our destination of St George on the Balonne River.

Saturday 8th June 2024: St George to Toowoomba.

Our penultimate day of the 2024 Outback Car Trek sees us draw close to the coast, to the Garden City of Toowoomba.  Buses will be put on to travel the main motel strip of Ruthven St (the New England Highway) to get us to and from our dinner at the Cathedral Function Centre in Neil St.

Sunday 9th June 2024: Toowoomba to Sea World, Main Beach.

Toowoomba is situated on a majestic escarpment that towers over the Gold Coast Hinterland, and we will wend our way via Tamborine Mountain to our lunch, finish line and final resting place of the 2024 Outback Car Trek, the Sea World Resort at Main Beach.  Family & friends are welcome to join us for lunch and dinner at Sea World at cost.



Accommodation in Arkaroola, Innamincka and Hungerford:

The Outback Car Trek is an event that is designed to take people off the beaten track and away from the large towns and regional centres, often to locations where accommodation is at a premium.

This brings us to the available accommodation along the route.  At Arkaroola and Innamincka both locations have a reasonable amount of accommodation across a range of budgets, but there are not enough rooms for everyone on the Trek.  To make things equitable for all participants, the Trek has booked all of the available accommodation in these two towns.   Approximately 10 rooms in each town will be put up for Auction to the highest bidder in April, with any profits going to the RFDS.  The remaining rooms will be subject to a ballot amongst registered event participants to be held on Saturday January 20th 2024.  Hungerford has almost zero accommodation available.


Accommodation at Sea World.

We have negotiated the accommodation rates overleaf with Sea World for our group.  As we arrive on the Sunday of the long weekend in NSW & Victoria, some Trekkers might want to invite family or friends up to the Gold Coast prior to our arrival on the Sunday, and perhaps stay for several days.  Make a family holiday out of it, visit the marine park, the rides and attractions.  Sea World will hold a block of rooms for our group until 21 December 2023, after that date rooms will be returned to the hotel’s pool and will be available to be booked by the general public.  Please refer over the page for tariff’s and booking link.

Sea World accommodation – Friday-Saturday 

         Deluxe/Premium Double -$249 per room per night

         Deluxe/Premium Queen -$274 per room per night

         Premium Queen View -$299 per room per night

         Premium Broadwater Suite -$374 per room per night 


Sea World accommodation – Sunday –Thursday 

         Deluxe/Premium Double -$209 per room per night

         Deluxe/Premium Queen -$234 per room per night

         Premium Queen View -$259 per room per night

         Premium Broadwater Suite -$334 per room per night 


To book your accommodation at the Sea World Resort please click on the link (or copy and paste it into your browser): (too late - you will have to ring & quote the Trek as a group booking)

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