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It is with great disappointment that I have decided this week that the only responsible course of action open to me is to cancel the 2020 Outback Car Trek.

For several weeks I had been receiving negative feedback from various communities regarding our plans, and this week some of them asked us not to come.  Whilst our visit would be good for their morale and economic circumstances, they were terrified one of our group might bring the Coronavirus to their community. 

Given the constantly evolving COVID-19 situation and acting upon advice from stakeholders, health authorities and government departments, my final decision became quite straightforward.


The planning cycles for 2021 have been pushed back due to the COVID-19 issues (no surveys have yet been performed) but I can tell you that the 2021 Outback Car Trek will be an absolute classic! 

I cannot confirm the towns for another week or so, but the 2021 Trek will be a 3-state affair. 


The 2021 Trek will start in South-Western NSW and head through far western NSW into South Australia, and we will spend a night in the Flinders Ranges.  From there it is our intention to drive up the Strzelecki Track before they bituminise it, taking us into far western Queensland.

And after a 12-year break, we will be spending a night at a Trek favourite, the (in)famous Buckland Tennis Club.

The Trek will finish on the Coral Coast of Queensland on a Sunday night, making this 8-day event one to remember for the remote locations, the tiny pubs, the enormous station properties, the smiles on people’s faces, and of course – the dust!

The dates are Saturday night 5th June to Sunday night the 13th June, and as I have said, give me a few more days to lock down some more of the logistics and I will get the route out to you as quickly as I can.

The Outback Car Trek has been proudly raising funds for the Royal Flying Doctor Service for 30 years.

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