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"I absolutely look forward to doing this every year".

"It's not a job.  It's more of a calling".

RFDS Pilot.

"I could easily stay out there for another week!"

"Shadecloth for the kids school - at last".

"We travel through parts of Australia the average person never ever gets to see".

"I would reccomend the Trek to everybody".

"None of our kids have ever seen the ocean - but they will now".

"We simply couldn't survive without your help".

"It's been absolutely the best experience ever".

"The changes of scenery we experience in just a single day is amazing".

"Am I coming back next year? Don't be stupid.  I would never miss it".

"I just love the look on the kid's faces".

"You helped us more in one day than in an entire year worth of fundraising".

"A week in the outback with friends & family - it doesn't get any better".

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